London Global Academy is a higher education provider that has been delivering courses. Our partnership with various institutions makes it possible for us to place students in a various institutes of learning. Our main campus is in London with other campuses in Birmingham, Manchester, and Bradford

Our mission is to educate as many students as possible by targeting various communities with people who dropped out of education or have little information on the need for education. We encourage these people to study and we study and better themselves as a way of giving back to the general society
We work directly with our students in order to enrich their lives and contribute positively to the entire community.

LGA is very involved with students supporting them to achieve their ambition and goals. We promote equality diversity and inclusion among students so we have students from all races. We attract students from all angles with the bulk of the students coming from the Tower Hamlets Borough.

High standard of teaching
We have a qualified academic with experience in delivering courses and supporting the students all through their journey at the college. The staff are very friendly dedicated to make the student experience a remarkable one
Brilliant College Environment
Our London study center is located in the heart of London next to the Aldgate East Underground station for easy commute. Few minutes away from the Tower bridge with shops and other religious places close by. The college itself provides a very warm environment for study and relaxation during break, equipped with a modern library and student computer lab. Modern learning facilities inclusive which makes learning easy for our students
Equal Opportunities
LGA is an equal opportunity institution. we support students equally irrespective of their race, background culture or religion. We do this to maintain a serene learning environment where everyone feels accepted. We have flexible timings to suit people from all works of life by running morning and evening programmes for the UK/EU citizens